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6 Best Website Designs To Take Inspiration From


Do you know that colors have a psychological impact on us? The colors that you use to create a website design communicate with the target audience. Hence, you should pick the colors wisely. Do you know that Mark Zuckerberg is color blind? He cannot see red and green. That is why he chose blue for Facebook design. However, there are many websites that use the color blue because of the impact it has on human emotions.

I have penned down 6 best website designs that you can take inspiration from for choosing the colors. Many website design companies including take inspiration from these designs.

1. Green and orange color scheme:

While green soothes our eyes, orange has vibrancy. When both the colors are used in contrast with each other, they make outstanding website design. If you search for ‘making pets better’, you will see the images of a website that has used the colors very wisely and effectively. The marketing designers have done a brilliant job in making the website extremely professional. The color combination gives it a crisp look as well.

2. Artistic design:

Fabrique is yet another in the list of best website designs that have created an amazing design. Fabrique has created a website design for the Van Gogh Museum. The designers have taken a cue from the artist and used rich blues, warm yellows, and cool greens. Besides, the design has an artistic feel as if someone has used watercolor. 

3. Simple and modern:

Mathemagiker is a website that you can check out for inspiration. I like the website design because of its simplicity. The colors used are cool-toned green and orange. So, there is a blend of cool and warm tones. Moreover, neutral whites or muted greys are used to balance extreme contrast. The square division of the layout gives it a modern finish.

4. Bold warm colors:

While some of the best website designs include both cool and warm colors, some designers are brave enough to use bold warm colors. Now, the risk factor in using this technique is that it can be overwhelming if not balanced properly. However, Lush Digital has done a brilliant job in designing its website. The blend of different bold colors creates a dreamy effect without going overboard. 

5. Pastel shades:

If you ask me which one of the website designs I like the most, I would say the ones that use pastel shades. I agree that not every website can be designed with pastel shades. However, when the website you are designing can be associated with pastel shades, go for it. Take inspiration from the website created by B/C Designers. The designers have used pastel pinks, oranges, rusts, and blues. The website is a treat to look at, trust me. 

6. Muted tones:

Sometimes you just feel that no color, in particular, imitates what the company wants to communicate. In that case, you can use muted tones such as grey, charcoal, off-white, ivory, and muted gold. On the one hand, these colors give a very modest feel while making the website look extremely classy. Check out the website designed by The Martin Agency. 

Which of the six you liked the most and which of these you do want to try? Do you think there are any other websites that you can get inspired by? Share in the comment section below.